John MacDonald Road trial Sunday 23rd September

Amended results new novice winner (Admin error) new 0/40+ winner  could be the first recorded  case of bib snatching John MacDonald RESULTS 2018v3

Some great photos on our facebook page by Hilda Baier

Congratulations to Richard Timperley  for  levering the trophy from Chris Pearson (at last)  hard luck to Chris it was a close battle   and all the class winners .

Massive THANKS to all observers at today’s John MacDonald trial: Mike Kelly, Harry South & Ian Dommett, Paul Reynolds, David Carly & Hilda, Paul (Ted) Andrews, Scott Ellis, Jeff & Tracey Robinson, Andy MacDonald, Trevor Hodge, Michael Griffiths, the Sharpley family, Steve & Yvonne Bower, Tasha Wardle, George Brannan, Dougie Greenall, Steve Simpson, Rupert & Hilda Ellison, Martyn Smith and last but not least, Mark Cook. Big THANKS also to Ben Miles and Terry Harvey for giving up 3 days of their life in order to set out the sections, to all land-owners for allowing us to use their land, and finally to all you riders for participating – we hope you enjoyed your day.

Added to Gails words (above) a big thank you to Gail fro sorting out the observers



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