Macclesfield Trials Club needs more help in order to continue running the events we stage throughout the calendar year.
In the past, we have asked for more input from willing volunteers and, to a degree, have succeeded, but we need more help and for that help to be sustained. At the end of the year, Bill will be stepping down as trials secretary after 30 + years holding that position. At this moment we have no-one to step into his shoes.

We have discussed this for some time now at club meetings – which incidentally are poorly attended – and decided that the way to go would be to split the role of trials secretary and all it entails, to that of

an ACU club secretary
a press secretary
event secretaries – entry taking, results,

Bill would still be available for maintaining the club website which would be “fed” to him by the above appointed secretaries.

If you want the club to maintain and perhaps even increase its popularity of the last 20 odd years, please come along. If it’s helping to act as secretary on the day at one trial it will be a great help.

Because of the predicament facing the club, we invite you ALL to the next club meeting to be held on Tuesday 9th October at the:

Wild Boar Inn, Wincle SK11 0QL at 8.30 pm.

Attendance could have an impact on the number of events held in 2019 which the club may have to re-consider should the outcome of this appeal be unfulfilling.

Thank you

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