Paul Glendenning trophy trial results

Results   photos by Scott   lots more  photos on our facebook page

Todays trial was the Paul Glendenning trophy trial presented to the best performance on the blue Route! Paul sadly passed away suddenly a few years ago and his wife Tegan presented us with this trophy for the best ride on the blue route as that was the route Paul rode and this year that is Garry Shaw dropping just a single mark on his Pre65 Triumph 400 congratulations Garry.

Well done to all route winners especially Toby Eyre Yamaha T/S  and Chris Clarke Yam air cooled mono  going clean on the middle route and Sam Yeomans for best expert.

Thanks to all the observers to have a full complement of 12 makes such a difference to how the whole trial flows its much appreciated  thanks once again .

Thanks also to the setting out team Andy Foot , Mike Kelly, Mat Treweek and Tony Pratt who did a splendid job and got the sections just right once again ,and to Phil and Gail at the start of the trial.

see you all again on the 3rd Feb back at rough heys for the Len Eyre trophy trial and round 3 of the 6t9 championship .

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