Helmets and help !!!!

New Club Treasure Required

After many years as Club Treasurer, Phil Coombes has decided to retire from the post. If you could help the club out in this position please step forward . This is a vital role in the club but a role that wouldn’t  involve attending any or all of the trials just a monthly club meeting . If you can help please contact Phil who can give give you a run down on what’s involved.  psmcoombes@gmail.com

Wearing of Motorcycle Helmets at trials .

We have noticed a small number of riders are wearing helmets designed for other sports or activities  – mountain bikes, skiing etc . A correctly fitted motorcycle helmet must be worn  at our trials or we may have to refuse entry . This is for  your safety and to meet ACU regulations – see extract from ACU trials standing regulations below where it clearly states Motorcycle helmets .


Motorcycle helmets Competitors, both riders and Sidecar passengers must wear a correctly fitted helmet at all times during the event whilst riding a motorcycle or quad. Officials must wear a correctly fitted helmet whilst riding a motorcycle at all times during the event, and it is recommended that they wear a helmet whilst riding a quad.

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