2020 Club/ACU Membership

Membership of our club is free, but you need an ACU Trials Licence (£12 p.a.) to ride events. Apply/renew your licence online through the ACU website as below.


Joining online if you are an existing member with an ACU license:

1. Go to the ACU website. www.acu.org.uk.
2. As you are already an ACU licence holder, log in under your name.
3. You can renew only your club membership  by using the tab:
? Club Membership – Apply or Renew
4. You can renew both your Club Membership and your ACU Licence by using the tab:
? My Licenses – View/Renew My Licences or Apply For A New Licence
5. If you are the named club member go to tab:
Proceed and renew membership online with club above.

Joining   online if you are a new member:

1. Go to the ACU website. www.acu.org.uk
2. Click the Riders/Members tab.
3. Click the Club Event Entry on the dropdown tab.
4. In the New Member/Enter An Event For The First Time click Apply Now
5. Enter your personal details on the following screens.
6. Once you have entered your details, on the summary My Personal Details page, on
the left hand side click the tab that says Club Membership > Apply or Renew.
7. Find Macclesfield Trials Club and highlight the Select button. Click the Proceed button.

8. Highlight the 3 Declarations on the bottom of the page and click Proceed.

9. Pay your money  (there is no fee for joining our club but you still have to hit Pay you will not be asked for any payment method)on the final page and you are a member!!! WELCOME

If you want a ACU License just click the Riders/Members then click Online Licensing. You can add your photo ID to your online profile if you don’t the ACU will contact you for a passport style ID either by post or email. for youth riders it is a similar process but a few more details are required but agin theses can be added to your online profile . 


If you wish to down load the application form to post its here

Here is a printable copy of the Instructions