2020 club trials dates

Please check for details or changes on the website before each event.

 Club Nights are on the second Wednesday of each month (any changes to dates will be on the website ) and are held at the Wildboar Wincle 8:30pm. As a club we would really appreciate some more help running our trials both on the day and for general running of the club . If you feel you would like to help please let us know. 


Sunday 02-02-20  round 3 Len Eyre Trophy trial  Rough Heys Quarry 10:30 

Sunday 15-03-20  round 4 Ken Eyre Trophy trial  Rough Heys Quarry 10:30 

Sunday  19-04-20  round 5 (Final) trial   Rough Heys Quarry 10:30 

Saturday 06-06-20  Mag UK Round 1  Venue to be decided 15:00 

Saturday 11-07-20  Mag UK Round 2 Venue to be decided 15:00

Saturday 15-08-20  Mag UK Round 3  Venue to be decided 15:00

Sunday 20-09-20 MacDonald Road Trial  Hazels Farm 9:30

Sunday 18 -10-20  round 1 trial   Rough Heys Quarry 10:30 

Sunday 15-11-20 2 trial    Rough Heys Quarry 10:30  

Sunday 06-12-20 Glendenning Trophy  trial    Rough Heys Quarry 10:30

For more details and any changes to the calendar please check www.macctrials.co.uk